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砂村 栄力



  • 2018年 Chemical Ecology of Insects: Applications and Associations with Plants and Microbes. CRC Press

  • 2015年 アリの社会:小さな虫の大きな知恵.東海大学出版会

  • 2014年 アルゼンチンアリ 史上最強の侵略的外来種.東京大学出版会



  • 2017年 関西御苗場 Wonder Foto Day賞

  • 2016年 田淵行男賞写真作品公募 特別賞アサヒカメラ賞

  • 2011年 東京大学総長賞


  • 2018年 「REST IN PEACE ARGENTINE ANT」.田淵行男記念館.(個展)

  • 2017年 「改訂版 アルゼンチンアリ-史上最強の侵略的外来種」. Mirage Gallery.(グループ展)


Eiriki Sunamura

Entomologist and artist. Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1982. Received PhD degree from The University of Tokyo in 2011 by studies on biology and control of invasive Argentine ant. Experienced research and development of insecticides in Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. for 8 years. Currently studying control of forest pests in Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute as a senior researcher. My artwork is related to the pests I have studied, including Argentine ant Linepithema humile, trap-jaw ant Odontomachus monticola, and red imported fire ant Solenopsis invicta.

Selected books

  • 2018. Chemical Ecology of Insects: Applications and Associations with Plants and Microbes. CRC Press.

  • 2015. Ant Society: Big Wisdom of Small Insect. Tokai Univ. Press.

  • 2014. Argentine Ant: The Strongest Invasive Species. Univ. of Tokyo Press.

Selected awards

  • 2016. Asahi Camera Award of Yukio Tabuchi Award.

  • 2011. President's Award for Academic Excellence, Univ. of Tokyo.


Selected exhibitions

  • 2018. “REST IN PEACE ARGENTINE ANT”. Yukio Tabuchi Memorial Museum, Nagano, Japan. (Solo exhibition)

  • 2017. “Argentine Ant – The Strongest Invasive Species. Revised Edition”. Mirage Gallery, Hyogo, Japan. (Group exhibition)​





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