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【ニュース】日本国内でヒアリ発見/EXTRA NEWS: fire ant detected in Japan

環境省の6/13日付の発表によると、日本国内では初となる、ヒアリSolenopsis invictaの侵入が確認されました。ヒアリの国内初確認について




According to June 13 publication by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, red imported fire ant Solenopsis invicta was detect in Japan for the first time.  First detection of red imported fire ant in Japan

A fire ant colony was detect on May 29 in a container which came to Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, from Guangdong, China, through Kobe Port and two other stops within Japan. The ant was identified as S. invicta on June 9. The container has already been fumigated with insecticide and the colony has been exterminated. The places where the container stopped before arriving at Amagasaki will be searched for any fire ant escapes. 

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